To create a space where individuals, at any age, can challenge their view of what they are able to achieve, on and off the mat.  Whether it is through shifting perspective mentally or getting into a new pose, the goal is to playfully expand the view of oneself. I strive for each student to be in awe of what they are truly capable of.

My journey to yoga.

I started practicing yoga in college as a supplement to my workout routine, which primarily consisted of running. As graduation started to approach I found myself struggling with how to cope with the transition into the real world. I started to increase my running regimen as a way to bring structure and control into my life. My craving for control in a very unpredictable time became unhealthy. I was obsessing over pushing myself and my body, searching for a mile marker of self approval that just wasn’t showing up. I needed a serious change.

I was looking for a workout that was physically challenging with no numbers, no calories burned, no miles earned. Something that left no opportunity to have an unhealthy competition with myself. I had enjoyed the little bits of yoga that I had done in college so I decided to try a few hot power vinyasa yoga classes. The classes were very physically challenging and the teachers were addressing issues that I was struggling with, need for control, personal expectations, self love, and confidence. The mindfulness practices learned on my mat began to positively affect my whole life. I became dedicated to the practice. 

In 2016 I was feeling stuck at my job and searching for a way to fulfill my time. I began teaching yoga full time with a focus on bringing yoga and mindfulness practices to children and teens. I currently teach yoga in studios, schools, corporate offices, and homes. I feel so much joy when I am able to connect with people on the mat, challenge their limitations, and watch them succeed beyond their expectation.


Registered Yoga Teacher 200hr, Grace and Glory Yoga 

Art of Assisting, Baptiste Institute

Yoga for Children with Special Needs 25hr, Asanas for Autism

Early Childhood Education N-3, PA State Teacher Certification

Special Education N-12, PA State Teacher Certification 

Mid Level Mathematics 7-9, PA State Teacher Certification