Kid's and Teen's Yoga

Yoga for all sizes.

When I was growing up I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher. I graduated college with three Pennsylvania state teaching certificates and an eager excitement to start working with kids. I never planned on leaving the teaching field but life hardly ever goes as expected. When I started teaching yoga full time I was so excited to get back into schools in a different capacity. By interlacing my teaching background with my yoga background I creatively build engaging, fun, and active lessons. This work truly fills me up.

My youth classes are specifically tailored to the school, family, ability, or goals of the client. No two classes are the same.  I strive to create a class based on the needs of the students in the moment. 

Preschool Savasna

Preschool Savasna


Youth Yoga Services

Story Time Yoga-  Story Time Yoga is designed to incorporate body awareness, movement, emotional awareness, and social skills while promoting literacy in the classroom. Poses and themes are incorporated into classic children's literature to provide a creative and interactive experience. 

Yoga for Teens-  Teens are lead through a physically powerful yoga practice that will keep them moving fast and sweating. Mindfulness practices to promote focus, concentration, determination, motivation, and most importantly self-confidence are addressed in every class. Depending on the group's needs and goals there is also opportunity to incorporate self-inquiry throughout the classes.

Classroom Yoga- Age appropriate developmental skills are worked into an interactive yoga class that promotes friendship, body awareness, focus and relaxation. Using different poses and themes to nourish the mind as well as the body. This gives the children a brain break and and opportunity to move and stretch.

Extracurricular Yoga- Specialized plans are created with each school to build physical understanding of the yoga practice while introducing mindfulness techniques and meditation. The kid's enjoy team building yoga games that encourage social skills and communication skills. In every class we focus on a theme (focus, emotional coping skills, mindful relaxation, etc.) that can be directly applied to real life situations.

Yoga for Populations with Disabilities- Each class is specifically created around the child's needs and goals. Picture Exchange Communication is often used to help familiarize children with the poses. These classes are built in collaboration with their teachers, parents, and care takers to target very specific needs. 

Yoga for Athletes- Yoga classes constructed for specific athletes or teams that compliment their sport. Power yoga and restorative yoga classes are available to enhance training regimens or as recovery. 

Emotional and Mindfulness Yoga- These classes are built to be more mental than physical. Teens and children will explore mindfulness techniques as well as coping mechanisms to deal with different emotional states. Addressing important issues such as high expectations, judgment, let down, perfectionism, and comparison. 

*If you are searching for a way to use yoga to accomplish different goals with a child or teen, let's create it together!